cj-hummel-s-restaurantIn 1948, C.J. Hummel and his wife, Evelyn, bought a building in the small Pennsylvania Dutch town of Lenhartsville.  Their vision was a dance hall where family and friends could come and enjoy the country dancing so popular at the time.  For almost 30 years, Hummel’s was the place to be for hoe downs and square dances.  By popular demand, Evelyn even opened a small snack bar serving just the basics-hamburgers, hot dogs, and drinks.

 By 1965 the dance hall and small snack area were rebuilt, enlarged and properly named Hummel’s Snack Bar and Dance Hall.  The menu was doubled and included our now famous steak sandwiches and fresh cut fries.  The Hummel’s enlisted their 4 children to work, and then their grandchildren, as the business became a success in this small town.  No one traveled through Lenhartsville without stopping at Hummel’s for lunch; it became the neighborhood meeting place.

In 1991, after working here as long as he can remember, CJ, and Evelyn’s youngest grandson, Danny, bought the business. He had a grander, yet so different, vision for the place that was his second home.  He expanded the dining area, building onto the already well-known snack-bar, and recreated interest in the country dancing that Hummel’s had always been known for in the past.  He gave it a down-home look and feel, and by 1992 renamed the business after his grandfather.

Since then, CJ Hummel’s Restaurant, Bar and Gathering Place has been just what the name suggests.  We’re a fun sort of place that prides itself on friendly service and great food.  Everyone who walks through our door is considered part of the family; that’s the way it was in the beginning and that’s the way it will stay.  So we invite you to relax and enjoy a visit at C.J. Hummel’s.  We’re glad you came!